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Through the pages of eternity. every corner of the universe has searched for motive, causality for the dramatic spirals of infinity, yet the universe holds its secrets well and in the human lunar month of March on the 10th day, in the human year of 2025 A.D., a truth lost since the dawn of creation will finally be revealed in these eyes of one man. 

Ashton Mortal, a 28-year-old fine arts painter, who has been plagued with nightmares since as far back as he can remember, but on March 10, 2025 A.D., he awakens in the early morning from a dreamless sleep with manifestations very similar to the iconic scenarios depicted in his art and slowly an epic web of cosmic events spanning beyond the known universe takes hold of what was once a very simple life.

Far away from the man Ashton Mortal once was, he pushes toward redemption, toward dawn's beautiful light as he stares upon a dark horizon, dreams of lying with his wife under the calming sway of an old willow tree, his son not far in the distance enjoying the warming sunbeams on a beautiful Sunday morning. 

Cold are the moments he currently lives in, finding himself imagining this far away place where simple treasure are plentiful, where his days slow to the sounds of the wind in the trees, away from talk of diplomacy and war, away from his burden that drags him further into the dark abyss... 



A Novel by:  Mark S. LaMaster has been released in a limited edition hard cover print and is available as an E-book through Amazon and Barnes and Noble.  Contact me for info on aquiring my novel directly thru Mortalitus Art.  The only copies currently available are hard cover in a 6x9 size, paperback coming soon.

Chaos Mortalitus: Revelations - Book II of III coming January/February 2012 to Kindle and Nook for $3.99!  

Paperback versions of Chaos Mortalitus Book 1 and 2 coming soon!

Chaos Mortalitus, Book 1 is coming to Kindle as an E-book, March 23rd, 2011!

Chaos Mortalitus, Book 1 is officially available on Kindle and Nook!
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And so it begins...


This battle will find you, regardless of avenue...

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